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1.upload date. upload the data in the Enforcement recorder to the docking station.
2.automatically cleared. When upload the data to the docking station, it can automatically cleared the data in the Enforcement recorder.
3. Query data recording. On docking station,you can query the data recording, pictures, video and audio .
4.Auto charge. When upload data, it can charge for the Enforcement recorder.
5.Photo issued. When you need to upload the pictures from the docking station to the Enforcement recorder,it is ok.
6. remote management system. To provide the image data of remote online playback, classification management and remote network download, upload and other functions.
7.upload the important data to the Cloud server
8.File download
9.sofeware upgrades
10.Set up the storage time. it will delete the data out of date.
11. One docking station can connect 20-25 Enforcement recorder at the same time
12.internal storage is 6T,can expend.

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