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Claims Center: a comprehensive site survey to enable law enforcement Recorder

Writer:ZECN致业中国Source:人保财险 Number of visits: Date:2015-01-07 10:07

    To strengthen the supervision of claims service, claims to improve the quality of work, the ability to enhance the anti-fraud, December 16, Handan City Branch Claims Center to introduce innovative Single police enforcement audio recorder


Claims Center site survey among police enforcement single video and audio recorder

    It is understood, Handan City branch with a total of 56 units of the recorder, which is used to survey the scene and 53 auto insurance, auto insurance for non-site survey three. In order to regulate the use, claims center specially formulated "the use of law enforcement records management assessment instrument approach" requires the use of claims in the implementation of the tasks, the whole process must be carried out audio and video recordings of all its cases to assess the damage of the survey, and in accordance with & ldquo; Day Download weekly reporting, monthly inspection & rdquo; working system to ensure that the required use of the recorder, and regularly informed of usage, reward and punishment according to assessment methods.

    After the test run, law enforcement recorder using significant effect, on the one hand the survey personnel supervise the quality of service, improved customer satisfaction claims. On the other hand captured image data provide evidence to support post-investigation, deter malicious lie compensation act effectively to protect their own interests.

    Claims Center said it would strictly regulateEnforcement recorderIn use, to ensure things with their values, the next step will be gradually extended to the use of personnel to assess the damage Gang.

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