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Shanxi introduction of high-speed traffic enforcement recorder using the "Three Character Classic"

Writer:ZECN致业中国Source:山西高速交警 Number of visits: Date:2014-12-26 10:10

    To further strengthen enforcement standardized construction brigade, police and effectively improve self-regulation, self-discipline, self-awareness, reduce Petition Letter, complaints, four high-speed traffic police detachment of a brigade full enforcement logger "Small size, big use", "magic "" amulet "role, codified law enforcement recorder using the" Three Character Classic "to further standardize and improveEnforcement recorderRequirements, to promote the standardization of construction norms of law enforcement


The ability of law enforcement instrument large police who love it
The camera will be able to record the work of the most serious
Illegal use of a large police guard took care of it
Self check before going to work fast after duty
Check the fine shift to catch the image of the small office
The fact that the entire law enforcement record clean without loopholes
When the program carefully strict penalties full details
This encounter with the swearing not warned him
Put bright eyes full record uncivilized to be exposed
Understand their duties to regulate double-edged sword
In case the people to be warm in the size of things videotaping
After work is not required to copy Jizou
For more controversial is the key standard is not lazy
Mo manage chaos has taken others must deal with loss
Want to build a good grasp standardized whole process Ledger
Weight management and strict requirements must be investigated who damage

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