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I want
Some people still retains the traditional virtues.
They should love life, respect for labor
Not high-profile, only know how to go all out
Good at discovering the advantages of others, while willing to contribute their strengths
Follow basic work ethic, responsibility currently no excuses
Emphasis on team strength, used to say "we" instead of "I";
Cherish his career, willing sustenance of the cause of a better vision

I can
Boldly, to provide blood sway place
Here, the measure is not the only, or can be better than academic ability, you can also go beyond the level of diploma
Whether new employees or familiar faces, we recommend our bit same value
When we brought together with fresh blood, new ideas and propositions that burst the moment, which will allow us more attractive
Contribution is not selfless, better jobs and treatment is the principle that we must perform, not to encourage, not for reward, only to let the value of existence made
Yes I am
In good company, but in trying to be a good companion
No modeling, no mystification
We cherish, and certainly the ability and entrusted with the task, for the opportunity to work with the best talent
We love it, solve problems not only at work, but in life, to share the joy is not limited to business results, it can boil in the game
Talented and admired, equally deserving of moral respect, adhere to both ability and integrity, moral and neglected