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Post a: Production Operator (official provisional available)

1, the electronic product assembly line
1, attentive, patient, have a responsibility
2, with or without experience can welcome graduating students

Two positions: Customer Service Officer

1, skilled use of office software
2, behaved, helpful, strong communication ability to understand, care for others, can withstand the pressure of the super
3, the patient is responsible, motivated, fresh graduates are welcome
Work content:
1, customer tracking, return visits, maintaining relationships with old customers
2, answering phones, phone conversations with customers, understand customer needs
3, organize customer information, organize, archive, to update, revise
4. The information and data management, and timely summary of customer demand, market conditions and other information
5, good co-ordination within the client department and other departments

Three positions: vouching

Work content:
1 assist Sales Manager responsible for the company's sales and service foreign markets, collecting sales market information.
2, maintenance-related sites, image processing, ability to prioritize relevant.
3, single and related information collation and archiving.
4. Other Leading accountable.
1, e-commerce, business English, international trade and other related professionals.
2, familiar with the import and export trade, welcome graduating students.
3, English in four or more
4, Skilled use of computers and other automated equipment.
5, Serious and responsible, strong communication.
Benefits; 1-3 months probation, five insurance payments, quarterly benefits, employee birthday gifts, filial funds, the annual tourism.