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About us

Jinan induced Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: High-tech Zone, Jinan City, the first northbound to the industry to develop technology park
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Our Mission:

Using technology and innovation to improve the efficiency of customers,

For social harmony and human happiness tireless efforts!

Corporate purposes:

Customer demand for supremacy, technology or innovation

Fine and thoughtful customer service and work together to achieve win-win.

Business Vision:

Coming to the industry will beWorld-class high-tech R & D enterprise application services

Core Values:

Upright    Innovative, pragmatic, efficient, win-win situation    

Core Values comment

Integrity: decency, insisted mindfulness, honesty, courage to act 

Innovation: Innovative thinking, technological innovation, product innovation, model innovation 

Pragmatic: talk villain, hard work-rate, results-oriented, an excuse to make the line 

Efficient: positive and optimistic, act fast, the line must be fruit, fruit will pass 

Win: win customers, channels and win-win, win-win co-worker, social win